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2020 Women & Wealth Gala – Calgary


2020 International Women’s Day Women & Wealth Gala – Calgary


Women & Wealth Inc.


Sarah Beau Photography

Maria the Photographer

Calgary Telus Convention Centre

We were incredibly excited to join forces with Women + Wealth and help organize the highly anticipated 6th annual International Women’s Day Women + Wealth Gala in support of the Canadian Women’s Foundation. This event took place at the Calgary Telus Convention Centre.

With its remarkable reputation, the gala garnered immense attention, drawing in a staggering number of over 1200 attendees. The evening was filled with an air of excitement and empowerment as guests from diverse backgrounds united to celebrate and honour the achievements of women.

The gala’s program featured an exceptional lineup of inspiring speakers, leaving a lasting impact on all those present. Jillian Harris, renowned television personality and interior designer, graced the stage with her captivating presence. Additionally, Jess Tetu, a remarkable entrepreneur and philanthropist, shared her inspiring journey and valuable insights.

The 2020 Women + Wealth Gala for International Women’s Day in Calgary was a resounding success. It not only highlighted the strength of women but also provided a platform to uplift and support the admirable cause of the Canadian Women’s Foundation.


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